OpenBSD 5.8 Minecraft Server


One of my kids is loving Minecraft , so we decided to setup a a Minecraft server to have a persisting world were we can play together and have some of his friends playing from their home. There is a lot of information in how to setup an environment in Linux, but  I wanted the challenge and why not use one of the most secure OSes as a host.

MineCraft server running in OpenStack

Minecraft server running on OpenBSD


The following posts will go over the steps required to setup a Minecraft server from scratch in OpenBSD 5.8. These are the main steps to follow (total install time 2 hours):

  1. Install OpenBSD
  2. Install Packages
  3. Configure Java
  4. Install the Minecraft server and test
  5. Configure the Minecraft server
  6. Kick staring your players
  7. Setup a service to start the Minecraft server at boot
  8. References


Minecraft References


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