Configuring PuTTy Sessions


PuTTy is one of the best SSH tools for Microsoft Windows. I found myself spending more and more time when managing Linux VMs and Containers in Microsoft Azure, and I wanted to share some quick tips that could make your life easier:

  1. Saving Sessions
  2. Configure the SSH Screen size
  3. Configuring the Font and Font Size
  4. Configuration in a Live SSH Session


Saving Sessions

Sessions allow to have the same configuration every time you connect to that SSH endpoint.  Open PuTTy,  enter the Host name (IP address), then the port number. On the Save Sessions type the name of the session,  and click on the Save button.


Once the session is saved, you can go into customizing the rest of the experience, and look and feel.


Configure the SSH Screen Size

Click the Window Category on the left menu and change the Column and Row sizes as needed.



Configure the Font and Font Size

After that click on the Appearance Section. In this area you will find the cursor appearance and also the font settings. In order to change the font settings click on the Change button.


Select your favorite font and font size and Click OK


Go back to the Session Category and Save the Session.  This will persist your settings for this session.



Configuration in a Live SSH Session

You can also re-configure a live SSH session. Right-click on the Window panel and you will see PuTTy menu. Select the Change Settings option and I will bring you to the PuTTy Reconfiguration screen


In the PuTTy Reconfiguration screen, you can make the required changes.  For example: Clicking on the Appearance sub category  allows you to change the cursor appearance and also the font settings.






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